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Wallis is an online subscription meal service that caters specifically to mom and baby using DNA information to assists and comforts the new parents in their most intense change in their lifetime. Wallis syncs with most fitness trackers and smart watches to suggest activities to improve the mood and health.



Gerardo Herrera



Art Center Student Gallery


Graphis-New Talent Annual 2018 Award Merit

After birth, a woman’s body is vulnerable, and needs a period of rejuvenation, rehabilitation and recovery. Wallis prepares the highest quality mom and baby meals based on the DNA information, using only natural ingredients to provide nutritionally balanced meal to keep them emotionally and physically healthy.

Wallis improved the quality of life for both mom and baby by adding a new layer of traditional science to personalized meal service plans. In the future, we believed that people will be relying on health management systems that are made for preventing rather than healing.